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Tutoring for Students by Students; Riverwood Math Center Debuts

Riverwood International Charter School debuted a new Math Center on Thursday, September 20.  The Center, with 26 student tutors, served over 120 high school students in its first two days.  Modeled after the highly successful Riverwood Writing Center, the Math Center provides visitors with student-directed tutoring in all math subjects –Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calc, Calculus, AP Statistics, SAT/ACT, and IB Math — as well as in Chemistry and Physics.  Tutors are 11th and 12th grade students who were selected based upon an application and recommendations from two math teachers.  They read “Becoming a Better Math Tutor” by David Moursund and Robert Albrecht, which taught them how to work with peers, use technology as a resource, and how to connect with students.  They also toured Georgia State University’s Math Assistance Complex where they participated in tutoring simulations. Notes Math Center Tutor, Riverwood Senior Elaina Levy, “I knew I wanted to be a math tutor because I enjoy seeing the student’s reaction when they get to the right answer and realize that math isn’t so hard.”  The Math Center is open every weekday during lunch and on Wednesday mornings before school.

Riverwood Math teacher, Laura Taylor, has been planning for the Math Center for almost two years.  Her goal, and that of Riverwood Administration, has been to decrease the amount of students in math support and to increase the school’s Georgia Milestones scores (a key component of the state’s accountability system).  She notes, “We wanted to reach the students during the school day… We wanted to give students a place to come to ask for help in a comfortable, welcoming and focused environment.”  The Math Center was made possible by support from the Riverwood Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and the Riverwood Foundation, who purchased supplies, including calculators, and paid for the field trip to Georgia State University.  The Math Center joins the Riverwood Writing Center as another successful student-oriented resource aimed at empowering tutors and tutees.  Adds Taylor, “My vision for the Math Center is to provide an opportunity for students who are excellent in math to showcase their skills by being a tutor, which in turn, helps their personal understanding of the subject while providing a safe and comfortable environment for the students who may be apprehensive about going to a teacher for help. Our goal is to have 2,000 tutoring sessions by May.”

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