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Riverwood International Charter School Foundation Sponsors Teach For Excellence Training

With generous support from the Riverwood International Charter School Foundation, four teachers attended the Advanced Summer 2018 Teach for Excellence (T4E) training in Washington State. Lauren Fogarty (ESOL), Laura Taylor (Mathematics), Christy Toledano (Language Arts), and Monica Olier-Toloza (World Language) participated in the Performance Excellence for All Kids (PEAK) summer institute in June. These seasoned teachers completed the advanced level training, having previously attended initial training, and were able to deeply explore the teaching philosophy, “Our Kids Are Worth Whatever It Takes.” The conference supplied them with an arsenal of T4​E tools which will help them make an immediate impact on their classrooms this year, and will, through peer mentoring and training sessions, reach even more classes.

Said Mathematics Teacher Laura Taylor, “There are a plethora of strategies in the TFE-style of teaching, many of which I cannot wait to implement in my classroom this school year. We learned how to take what knowledge we gained from the pervious trainings and apply it in our classrooms in a thoughtful and meaningful way. The four of us plan to meet multiple times throughout the school year to discuss what we have tried, to hold each other accountable, and to collaborate. This training has truly changed how I view teaching and I am so excited for the future of my classroom!”

T4E, a week-long hands-on summer training, helps teachers move their classrooms to a student-centered model that is teacher-led. Teachers become coaches, mentors, and guides to the learning process, and students become more active participants responsible for their learning by working closely with peers. This strategic model creates opportunities to encourage problem-solving and critical thinking, and better prepares students for the independent learning required in higher education.

The Riverwood Foundation is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to support long-term strategic initiatives that impact every student at Riverwood International Charter School. The key areas of focus are Academic Enrichment, Professional Development, Global Citizenship, and Achievement via Individual Determination (AVID).

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