Riverwood Foundation


Q: What is the Riverwood Foundation?

A: The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) established to support the programs and activities of Riverwood International Charter School in Sandy Springs, GA. A board of trustees governs the Foundation and is made up of volunteer representatives from the parent, business and civic communities. The Board guides the direction of fundraising to benefit Riverwood.

Q: When was the Riverwood Foundation started?

A: The Foundation was formed in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) with the intention of serving the needs of the entire Riverwood student community.

Q: What does the Foundation fund?

A: The Foundation’s primary funding focus is on long term, strategic, school-wide initiatives. Specific funding priorities are determined each year by the Foundation with input from the Riverwood administration. Current funding is focused on “Teaching for Excellence”, a long-term program which will change the way learning occurs in every classroom at Riverwood.

Q: What are some examples of past programs that have benefited from the funds provided by the Foundation?

A:  Since 2005, some examples of past funding by the Foundation have included:

  • The World Champion “RoboRaiders” Robotics Club
  • Classroom technology including interactive whiteboardsand document cameras for use across several departments
  • Multi-language lab technology to enhance the studentlearning experience
  • Tutoring and mentoring programs targeting impact on graduation rates
  • The Fulbright Language Teacher Exchange
  • The Japanese Festival

Q: What are the primary ways that resources are generated through the Foundation?

A: Corporate and business partnerships are critical to developing a consistent
and strong source of funds and in-kind involvement that are developed
through parent relationships within the business community. Funding from outside grants and other foundations is currently being sought. In addition,
financial support from the parent and alumni communities is essential for
continuing the impact that the Foundation will have in the years ahead.

Q: How can I get involved with the Riverwood Foundation?

A: The Riverwood Foundation is an all volunteer organization. We invite active participation by parents alumni and members of the community. In particular, we need YOUR connections to the corporate and business community, as well as your financial support. Please e-mail us at: scaruthers@me.com to learn more about how you and/or your business can become involved in the Riverwood Foundation.