501 3c Organization

Family Donors

Donor List as of November 11, 2019

Legacy Partners

Howard and Colleen Austin
Betsy W. Camp and Bill Vesely
Kelly Elson
Susan Glatt and Marc Greenberg
Wendy and Paul Greenberg
Jude and Sean Rasmus
Vance and Paul Reticker
Sandy Springs Society
Hodges Charitable Foundation
Joel & Lauren Shapiro
The Southern Company

Leadership Circle ($1,000 - $9,999)

The Boemanns Family
Jeremy and Angela Cohen
Chris and Jody Courts
The Daniel Family
The Frederick Family
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander W. Hodges
McQuary Family
The McLendon Family
The McQuary Family
Shaughnessy Family
Mr. & Mrs. Eric K. Ross
The Young Family

Contributors ($500 - $999)

The Abney Family
Rob and Ingrid Chen
Dr. and Mrs. George Cibik
Suzy and Hadley Engelhard
The Fladell Family
The Freer Family
The Friedmann Family
Brad and Megan Grout
Jason and Carey Guggenheim
Chris and Melissa Haraszti
Braj and Leslie Hart
The Herndon Family
The Kelley Family
The Kennett Family
Rida and Bo Lanneau
The Maddaleni Family
The Mason Family
The Pointer Family
The Stratton Family
The Wang Family
Gerry and Tarrea Williams
The Wang Family
The Woody Family

Founders ($250 - 499)

The Abbott Family
Kathryn Amengual
The Ben-Bassat Family
The Charron Family
Chuck and Amanda Cohn
The Crahan Family
The Drew Family
The Eberlys
The Esslinger Family
Robin and Darrin Friedrich
Jon and Angie Goldman
Keri and Keith Greenwald
Cindy and Jason Hyman
The Jacobs Family
Mel and Michele Johnson
The Kruglewicz Family
The Lawlor Family
The Lindler Family
The Marotte Family
The McGalliard-Jones Family
Yoo Sun Park
Lori and Allan Peljovich
The Rader Family
Joy and Dave Savula
The Shaw Family
Laura Shir
The Shutley Family
Tom and Dede Wakefield

Friends ($50 - $249)

The Abrams Family
Doug and Tiffany Allen
The Berke Family
Irene and Dan Berman
Rebecca and Brent Bernath
Don and Beth Blate
The Braswell Family
Sandy Campbell-Marquez
Meg and Ian Cannell
Pat and Peggy Carroll
The Colker Family
The Cooney Family
Bart and Stephanie Cooper
The Corbin Family
Connie Covington and In Ho Lee
The Warren Daniels Family
Kevin, Lisa and Cassidy Davis
Lisl and Mark Dickinson
The Dunagan Family
Tonya Freeman
Roger and Vicky Frysh
Gilbert and Carla Gonzalez
The Harber Family
The Housker Family
The Hunt Family
The Jensen-Link Family
Tracey and Ed Johnson
Katie and Stephen Johnston
The Jordan Family
The Lawrimore Family
Rebecca and Bill Leffler
Elizabeth and Geoff Macdonald
The McConnell Family
The Nichols Family
The Parker Family
Bill and Kathryn Pettyjohn
Andy and Helen Powell
The Quraishi Family
Jim and Patricia Radney
The Rank Family
The Royal Family
Cheryl, Ted and Blake Schwartz
Ken Seo
Franziska Shepard
The Stahlman Family
The Stine Family
The Strauss Family
The Thomas Family
Catherine Waite
Doug and Kelly Westrom
Mary Wivell and Randy Arndt
Ian Wyatt