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What is AVID?

AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college-readiness program designed to increase school-wide learning and performance. It is already established in many Fulton County high schools, where it has increased both graduation rates and the number of college-bound students.

Why is AVID important to Riverwood? 

With high dropout rates among students in the academic middle, the Foundation, the Riverwood Administration, and the Faculty have taken steps to increase Riverwood’s graduation rate and help all students prepare for a college education. We are now in our fourth year of the AVID program at Riverwood and will have our first AVID students graduating in the Spring of 2018.  We are excited to see these students graduate and go on to pursue a college education!

What does your support mean to this Program?
The Foundation with the support of The Sandy Springs Society and the Riverwood community have provided supplies for the AVID classroom, field trips to area colleges, and tutors for higher level classes for the AVID students.  Your support ensures that every student at Riverwood graduates and goes on to compete in a Global community.

Program Achievements

how we make a difference

  • keeps our dropout rates low
  • more students pursue college educations
  • give students broadening opportunities

Comments about AVID from Students and Staff

“I realized that AVID was not just a class and the students there were not just classmates, we were all family. AVID will forever be an unforgettable experience. I gained many skills that I need for college like being more organized, always having a set schedule, and doing more than what is expected. Socially, I have gained more confidence and would like to continue to take risks and going out of my comfort zone, just as Coach Jenkins pushed us to do.” AVID graduate Class of 2018 Flor Valle

“Without AVID, I’d probably still be rushing to apply to college. Instead I am applied, accepted, and preparing for the next step of my life. The many assignments over the years all served a purpose, too, letting us research colleges and our preferences, needs, and wants. AVID gave us a curve on college preparedness that was essential for the college process. Many AVID students come from backgrounds with parents who have not gone through the process so having this experience was key. Looking back on these four years, I realize the impact AVID had on my life. I worked on my procrastination, neatness, presentation, etc. weekly, and had an entire support system of teachers who wanted to help me.”  AVID graduate Class of 2018 Xavier Palacios

“As an educator, the AVID program has been an amazing experience. To work with such incredible educators and students is every teacher’s dream. To assist our first graduating class and to watch them work hard to achieve their college goals is something that can’t be measured. At Riverwood, AVID truly is a family.”  Buck Jenkins, AVID Coordinator