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Global Citizenship

What is Global Citizenship?

The Riverwood Foundation recognizes that our students are living and competing in an international community.  International education will be the primary means for our students to bridge the gap between between other religions, languages and geographical problems.  Our students must learn their rights and responsibilities to an emerging world market and learn the necessary technical skills to solve global challenges.

Why is Global Citizenship important at RICS?

Our students need to understand the cultural differences within their own school, as well as the common values that humanity demands of us.   Traveling abroad sharpens a students self-awareness, encourages independence, enhances a global view of their world, and fosters compassion.  Experience it first hand by traveling abroad with our Riverwood teachers!

How can you support Global Citizenship?

Please make a donation to The Riverwood Foundation to fund teachers leading service and educational trips for our students.  Your funds make these opportunities possible!

Program Achievements

how we make a difference

  • give students a real global experience through travel
  • broaden student’s scope of thought
  • empower students with independence and awareness