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Academic Enrichment

What is Academic Enrichment?

Academic Enrichment programs and facilities provide support to enhance the learning experience for all students at Riverwood.  These programs provide access to additional resources beyond what is offered in the traditional classroom space. Unique to Fulton County, the Writing Center provides tutoring by professionally trained peer-students.  New in 2018, the math center will provide tutoring, focusing on Algebra and Geometry as well as higher level math support. In conjunction with the Sandy Springs Society, the Riverwood Foundation will support the opening of a ground level Maker Space in Fall 2018.  The Maker Space will provide powerful contexts and opportunities for students to learn and develop new skills, empower students to be active creators and innovators.

Why Academic Enrichment Important to Riverwood?

Academic Enrichment helps the learning experience be more meaningful, substantial, and rewarding. These programs and facilities strive to support the improvement of the learning experience at Riverwood.  In order to promote and support students, the Riverwood Foundation supports these programs to ensure that writing, math and innovation are fully funded and provided for Riverwood students.

How you can support Academic Enrichment?

Funding for the Writing Center, Math Center and Maker Space need external funding to be maintained.  Without funding provided by the Foundation, these programs would cease to exist. We need your donation to maintain, sustain and build these unique programs!


Program Achievements

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